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Editorial Emma Fiorentino

Publicaciones Técnicas S.R.L.

Plásticos en la Construcción

LANGUAGE: Spanish (Special issues with bilingual Spanish-English notes).


FREQUENCY: 1 issues per year.

CIRCULATION: 10.000 ejemplares



- Architec's studios
- Free-lance building professionals and engineers
- Advisors (specially on sanitary, electrical and gas facilities)
- Decorators
- Interior designers
- Professional associations and councils
- Building companies
- Building contractors
- Building business organizations
- Educational institutions
- Real estate companies
- Condominium administrators
- National, provincial and municipal housing departments
- Leading enterprise and government architecture offices
- Business and professional organizations
- Embassies. Binational chambers of commerce and industry
- Banks, insurance companies
- Thermoplastic rubber and elastomer processors
- Prefabricated house and part manufacturers


- Introduction of new products for building and allied sectors: properties, ways of uses.
- Technical notes on existing building plastic products, comments on real applications and new uses
- Technical articles on plastics building systems, parts, semiprocessed products, and raw materials to be used by themselves or incorporated to traditional materials; processing, uses, equipment and fittings, standarization, quality control, plastics advanced technology.
- Participation in showsm conferences, courses and seminars, in the country and abroad.
- Previews and reviews of all the domestic and international fair on the building industry and allied sectors.
- Interviews to local engineers and executives, including visiting to building sites and industrial plants.
- Interviews to foreing engineers and executives visiting our country.
- Information on business, professional and educational organization activities.
- Ecological aspects of plastics in the building sector, economic use of recycled products in social housing schemes and infrastructure works.

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