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Editorial Emma Fiorentino

Publicaciones Técnicas S.R.L.

Plásticos Reforzados/Composites

LANGUAGE: Spanish (Special issues with bilingual Spanish-English notes).


FREQUENCY: 4 issues per year.

CIRCULATION: 5.000 ejemplares.
Plásticos Reforzados / Composites Summary in spanish

Leading private and State-owned enterprises allied to the following industrialactivities: food, shipyard, bodycar makers, building, electrical, railways, paper-making,oil, petrochemicals, motorcar factories, sanitation.
Educational institutions -universities, technical and specialized seconadary schools;professional and business organizations and associations; government departments;embassies; binational chambers of commerce and industry; banks and insurance companies,standarization institutions.

- Technical articles on raw materials, equipment and facilities; processes;aplications; standarization.
- Technical courses, local and foreing shows associated with our  spheres of action.
- Business news.
- Journalistic notes, interviews to personalities of this sector and visits toenterprises.
- Analysis of national and international shows of interest to our spheres of action.
- Previews of events.
- Reviews of fair.
- Extracts from international and local enterprise press releases.
- Information on the activities of business, professional and educational organizationsassociated with our fields of action.

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