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Editorial Emma Fiorentino

Publicaciones Técnicas S.R.L.

Laboratorios y Proveedores

LANGUAGE: Spanish (Special issues with bilingual Spanish-English notes).


CIRCULATION: 6.000 ejemplares

FREQUENCY: 6 issues per year.

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and veterinary laboratories, clinical laboratories (on a rotation  basis), industrial test laboratories, chemists' (on a rotation basis), hospitals, clinicals, nursing homes, veterinarians and opticians (on a rotation basis); private and State owned institutions; libraries and scientific research centres. All those enterprises having their own laboratories, such as in the chemical, petrochemical, food, painting, plastics, dye, varnish, pigment, textile, rubber and adhesive sectors, etc. As well as direct and indirec suppliers of instruments and equipment for laboratories, machinery, equipment and materials, containers and services. Quality control departaments and packaging sector.

Technical articles on pharmaceutical-medical products, medical doctor's and hospital practices and applications. Cosmetics, formulae, properties, uses, legislation. Technical notes on raw materials, equipment, new technologies and application development. Journalistic notes -interviews and visits to  enterprises, locally and abroad. Previews and reviews of national and international fair of interesr to our sphere of action. Extracts from local and international company press releases. Information on the activities of the business, profesional and educationales organizations associated with our field of action.

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