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Editorial Emma Fiorentino

Publicaciones Técnicas S.R.L.

Equipamiento Hospitalario

LANGUAGE: Spanish (Special issues with bilingual Spanish-English notes).


FREQUENCY: 4 issues per year.



Freely distributed to all private State owned hospitals, clinics and nursing homes throughout the country, from Heads of Services to Head Medical Doctors; private and government institutions; and local and foreing research centres.


- Technical articles on equipment, technologies, application development, etc. used in medicine, odontology, etc.
- Journalistic notes, interviews and visits to nursing homes, hospitals, connected with this subject.
- Interviews to local professionals and executives.
- Interviews to local professionals and executives visiting our country.
- Information on the activities of business, professional and educational educational organizations associated with this sector.
- Notes on outstanding particular applications.
- Introduction of new products, their properties and uses.

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