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Informativo del Plástico


Informativo del Plástico Summary in spanish

_____10.000 issues____


Emma Fiorentino communicates:

- We are going to launch IP "Plastics Bulletin" given the need of briefinformation demanding a short reading time. It will be massively and freely distributed inARGENTINA and LATIN AMERICA.

- Both publications shall be published bimonthly:

   INDUSTRIAS PLASTICAS MAGAZINE: with the profile of a magazine as itis currently known, encyclopedic and for collection. The contents shall be enlarged and itwill be publish in February, April, June, August, October and December. It will bedistributed to subscribers and to contacts in large companies, giving priority to decisionmakers. Category: Technical, Scientific and Commercial.

  PLASTICS BULLETIN: with brief news, it shall bepublish in January,March, May, July, September, November. It shall be freely distributed. Category:Commercial. It will be a 4 colour tabloid (26.5 x 37 cm).

We want to continue informing and makingthe best and strongest tools in our market to generate business. We send you our bestregards with all our potential and energy.

ART: Photographs, master copies, sketches,photolites, and positive films shall be at the advertisers own expense.

SUBMISSION OF FILMS AND MASTER COPIES: Cover, back cover, insidecovers and advertisements: 20 days prior to the date of publication.

Size: 24.5 x 35 cm

Bleed size: 26.5 x 37 cm

Printing system: Offset. Positive film, 133 dots.

Level: Commercial

FREQUENCY: 6 issues per year: January, March, May, July, September,November

CIRCULATION: Massive distribution in Argentina and Latin America.Selective distribution in the rest of the world. The publication is massively distributedin exhibitions and congresses, both national and international.


-Plastics, packaging, rubber, chemical and petrochemical industries.Manufacturers and representatives of raw materials, machinery and supplies for the userindustries: cosmetics and pharmaceutical laboratories; automotive industry; food industryin general, including cold storage plants, diary products, agriculture and farming, fruitand vegetables production, fishing, cereals, cotton production; construction;confectionery and beverages industry; graphics; mechanics and metalmechanics sectorsdevoted to molds and dies; textiles; shoe-making; electrical; electronical; nautic;aeronautic; shipping; water treatment; information technology; material testing equipment;industrial refrigeration; lubricants; etc.

- Plastics and rubber conversion

- Manufacturers and users of packaging (rigid, semi-rigid and flexible)and packaging material.

- User industries of technical parts made of plastic and rubber.

- Manufacturers of adhesives and sealants.

- Manufacturers of inks, paints lacquers, enamels and varnishes.

- Manufacturers of finished products, semi-finished products andtechnical parts made of plastic, composites, and/or rubber.

- Converters of plastic films and fabric.

- Suppliers of basic and auxiliary raw materials (local manufacturers,foreign producers, representatives distributors) for all the sectors covered.

- Suppliers of equipment, complete production lines; turnkey factories;peripheral instruments; printing, decorating and marking equipment; research and controlinstruments; molds and dies, etc. (local manufacturers, foreign producers, representativesdistributors) for all the sectors covered.

- End users of technical parts and semi-finished products made ofplasticas, composites, and/or rubber; automotive industry; electrical and electronicsindustry; household appliances; refrigeration, audio and television industries;information technology; sanitary industry; shoe-making; construction; etc.

- Manufacturers of food -solid, liquid, power and paste; laboratories;pharmaceutical products: cosmetics and toiletries; cleaning products; clothing; electricaland electronics industries; lubricants and other products that need a flexible, rigid orsemi-rigid packaging and packaging materials in their last production stage.

- Educational institutions, technical and business organizations;public agencies; Embassies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry; banks and insurancecompanies.

CONTENTS:  - Summary of news in our editorial house and ofnews received from national and international companies.

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